SPLC Unveils Groundbreaking Principles for Leadership in Purchasing

Original Article from Sustainable Brands (it’s stuck on Latest News)
The SPLC’s work on sustainable procurement is definitely one to watch. All the right players are at the table and the space is in dire need of a commonly agreed upon standard. Though nothing is certain, it’s likely these metrics will be especially light on the social / equity side of things. It’s still unclear why they couldn’t have just done with B Lab’s “B Impact Assessment” and saved everyone a lot of time, money, and hassle, but nothing is ever that simple.

The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) has unveiled a set of five essentialprinciples that it asserts defines leadership in sustainable purchasing. By providing a common reference point for sustainability excellence, the Principles enable greater alignment and benchmarking of sustainable purchasing efforts across all types of organizations operating in the multi-trillion-dollar institutional purchasing marketplace.

The SPLC says the Principles also serve as a “moral compass” as it also launches the development of a multi-sector program for guiding, benchmarking and recognizing leadership in sustainable purchasing.

The Council believes these Principles will help the institutional purchasing community achieve its full transformative potential, in much the same way that the UN Principles for Responsible Investment have helped investors to catalyze large-scale market transformation. The development of a shared definition for leadership in sustainable purchasing can similarly enable efficient sharing of best practices, solutions, training, benchmarking, recognition, and policy efforts among organizations, sectors and regions.

“The Council supports a strategic approach to sustainable purchasing that is consistent across sectors,” says executive director Jason Pearson. “The potential for alignment, market influence and supply chain innovation accelerate dramatically when we all speak the same language and use similar processes to evaluate and mitigate the impacts associated with institutional purchasing.”

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