Near Me Powers the Next Phase of the Sharing Economy

This new company will allow people and businesses to create their own online collaborative marketplaces. Very cool idea. Will their software be open source though?


The collaborative economy is growing all over the world and Near Me ( is empowering brands and entrepreneurs with the ability to create customizable peer-to-peer marketplaces without the traditional cost and time it normally takes. With the success of companies like Airbnb, Lyft and TaskRabbit and over$800 million dollars invested in sharing economy companies last month alone, the road is paved and more marketplaces in various verticals are emerging, ready and equipped, to join the new economy. Near Me plans to provide predictive analytics, cooperative competition and reshape traditional e-commerce via the multiple marketplaces powered by the platform.

“The same analytics used in criminology, fraud and organized crime detection, will help marketplaces build trusted networks,” said CTO and Co-Founder of Near Me, Adam Broadway. “Fold-on-top peer group analysis, comments and reviews and marketplaces will no longer be the wild-west of commerce, but credible places to connect, swap, rent/subscribe and buy.”

Having previously founded Business Catalyst, later acquired by Adobe Systems, Broadway and his Co-Founder and CEO Michelle Regner, who founded InnerCircuit in 2006, have a long-term vision of what it looks like to power today and tomorrow’s peer-to-peer marketplaces.

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