The Enspiral Network on Collaborative Funding

The P2P Foundation thinks we’d benefit from learning more about the business innovation of the Enspiral Network, and they’re right. They’re a brilliant model for rethinking business and organizational relationship for a new economy.



From Stacco Troncoso of the P2P Foundation

We think that the Enspiral Network is pretty great, and that we can learn a whole lot from their P2P governance and property protocols. The following story -penned by Alanna Krause and originally published in managementexchange,com, will give you a good idea of how they keep things fresh and vibrant in the face of change.


Enspiral is a network of professionals and companies on a mission to make the world a better place. We emphasize empowerment, collaboration, and innovation. One by one, we are disrupting every core organizational process. Then we open-source our solutions and create apps so others can do the same. This is the story of collaborative funding.


The story of Enspiral is the evolution of a transformative idea: we need to drastically increase the capacity of people doing meaningful work in order to solve our biggest problems. There is a trickle of human energy going toward the biggest challenges of our times, and we exist to turn it into a river.

Enspiral began in 2008, when founder Joshua Vial realized he could earn enough to live on by contracting as a computer programmer part time, leaving the rest of the time to work on social good projects. Then he realized that if he could support others to do the same, the total impact would vastly increase.

By 2011, Enspiral had become a collective of passionate professionals – people who could have been freelancing independently, but instead chose to collaborate and work together to allow them the resources and flexibility to pursue charity and social impact projects.

What happens when you get a bunch of ambitious, talented, values-driven people together in a vibrant coworking space and empower them to think big about positive impact? They launch social enterprise startups, of course. Enspiral grew from a collective of individuals to a collective of more than a dozen social enterprise ventures.

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