What’s the State of Shared Value?

From Triple Pundit, this article talks about the concept of Shared Value and summaries highlights from the Shared Value Leadership Summit. As a concept, Shared Value is indistinguishable from Corporation Social Responsibility (CSR) and basically refers to large corporations recognizing value external to their own economic bottom line and pursuing a strategy that maximizes both. It basically mimics the notion of multiple bottom lines, but, in practice, the concept is really only championed by the largest of companies and not necessarily yielded tremendous results. Perhaps, as the author notes, this year marks a turning point.


[advanced_iframe securitykey=”e7e8a2819674b148bb1bae63f9264a7c93a8ce95″ src=”http://www.triplepundit.com/2014/06/whats-state-shared-value/” width=”100%” height=”1200″]

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