500 days from crucial Paris summit, momentum grows for climate deal

(From TckTckTck) “500 days ahead of a crucial UN climate summit in Paris, momentum is growing for a global climate deal. A diplomacy push by the world’s two biggest emitters has seen the US and China working on concrete initiatives to cut carbon emissions, while China has also suggested that it could announce an emissions cap as early as June 2015, maybe even in the first quarter, then meeting the UN deadline for national contributions to the Paris agreement.”


[advanced_iframe securitykey=”e7e8a2819674b148bb1bae63f9264a7c93a8ce95″ src=”http://tcktcktck.org/2014/07/500-days-crucial-paris-summit-momentum-grows-climate-deal/63605″ width=”100%” height=”1200″]

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