Missed targets: when companies fail to keep their key sustainability promises

(From The Guardian by Jennifer Inez Ward) One often missed point in corporate sustainability discussions is to what extent will we be able to have a sustainable economy at all when most industries are dominated by a handful of multinational corporations amidst a world where their aggregate power is eclipsing the power of governments. Even the CIA is shifting its policies towards such a future, so why can’t we at least talk about it openly? “Disney, Target, Walmart and 3M are among the companies that have fallen behind on their environmental commitments. But their stumbles haven’t received much attention.”


[advanced_iframe securitykey=”e7e8a2819674b148bb1bae63f9264a7c93a8ce95″ src=”http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/blog/2014/jul/21/sustainability-goals-promise-broken-failure-target-walmart-disney” width=”100%” height=”1200″]

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