Why Solar Installers Are Becoming Vertically Integrated

(From Rocky Mountain Institute) “A curious trend’s been washing through U.S. solar recently: vertical integration, the process of companies owning more and more of their own supply chains. Sunrun, a developer and financier, recently purchased the residential division of REC Solar, a major installer. SunPower moved into selling and financing solar systems, rather than just manufacturing modules. RGS Energy recently announced it will begin providing leasing in-house rather than through outside groups. And SolarCity, the country’s biggest solar developer, financier, and installer, just went so far as to buy a module manufacturer (Silevo).”

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”e7e8a2819674b148bb1bae63f9264a7c93a8ce95″ src=”http://blog.rmi.org/blog_2014_07_10_five_reasons_us_solar_installers_are_vertically_integrating” width=”100%” height=”1200″]



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